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An innovative approach to short breaks and Day opportunities

This Page has been set up to offer support providers the opportunity to promote their use of Endeavour. 

We can upload promotional flyers about a short break or photos (with the clients permission)


Photo permission given by customers and their families

COME DINE WITH FRIENDS  is an innovative way to spewnd time with your friends and learn at the same time.

My customers prepare and cook a meal and organise their evening activities.

It is an opportunity to gel as a group as well as learn the skills needed to share an environment .

Taking responsibility for different tasks, taking turns, taking on different roles and experience how it feels to make decisions as a group and gain the skills that go with this.

Mary Hayter

SELWORTHY SCHOOL  As part of the post 16 curriculum, we were looking for a venue that would enable our students to transfer the skills being taught in the class room into a community setting.

The local college offered us their kitchens, but it wasnt like a domestic kitchen.

We visited Endeavour and found that it offered us everything we needed to give our students the experience of a real home setting.

This will be our third Year booking  Monday - day sessions in term time at Endeavour and will continue to do so as we are achieving great results


Post 16 Teacher

COMMUNITY KITCHEN I'm really pleased to be able to announce that You First has established a working partnership with Endeavour2Achieve.

Every other Wednesday You First hires Endeavour and people are able to come along, practice cooking skills and have a great social time together over the meal they have cooked.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), You First support services are harnessing local community assets like Endeavour and looking to reivest our surplus profit for social value,  so we meets the cost of hiring Endeavour so this cost is not passed on to the customer. Customers simply contribute a few pounds towards ingredients.


Visit our webiste  



SOMERSET CHILDREN'S SHORT BREAKS SCHEME  Offering short breaks to children, young people and their families in an innovative way.


Giving young people the opportunity to gain independence skills in a home setting.        


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ELMWOOD SCHOOL/ ROBERT BLAKE COLLEGE  Enhancing our post 16  preparation for adulthood curriculum, in a community setting.


Endeavour offers  everything we needed to give our students the experience of a real home setting.

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