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Midweek (school holidays only) / weekend breaks (all year) 

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An innovative approach to short breaks and Day opportunities




Those who arrange the support at Endeavour (Parents, Care & support providers, schools/colleges), are expected to have completed a full risk assessment for customers, provide correct staff ratio and ensure the group are familiar with each other prior to their stay.






During the school holidays, the dates will be bookable in blocks of a minimum of 3 night


We fully appreciate with our type of customer group how big a step staying away over night for the first time can be, which is why we offer a unique approach so that a group can visit daily throughout their midweek break without sleeping over (returning daily) with an aim to achive an overnight as their goal.




WEEKENDS BREAKS ALL YEAR ROUND: (subject to availablity)

Weekend breaks: Fri 4pm - Mon 9am

Strict departure times observed, due to a school coming in on the Monday morning.








Standard holiday let terms and conditions apply.

Deposit and full payment required before arrival.

We require the Time of arrival and departure to be strictly adhered to due to a tight cleaning schedule


One lead person will be contractually required to book the venue. This can be the individual, a parent or the care and support ptrovider they have chosen to support them during their stay.


The support package must be in place before booking.

E2A are not liable for safeguarding caused by support provider negligence.



A Stay longer than a week is negotiable but for obvious reasons, be aware that this will be significantly more than you would pay for a month under a short hold tenancy agreement /LHA rate




There is a limit to how many people that can stay in the property overnight (including support staff):


 5 Singles (including staff)

2 couples + 3 singles (including staff)

Support staff only: Additional staff/Waking night staff can occupy the living room.with prior permission.

 Booking options



A simple way to summarise your requirements


If you do not see anything to suit you, please contact us using the form on the contacts page and we will try our best to help you find an alternative.



Booking for schools, day opportunity providers and those with direct payments


It is great that you are looking for an alternative to traditional site based activities.


During term time, Endeavour is bookable, Monday  - Friday,  in 5 -7 week bundles*                 (Somerset academic terms)







This gives continuity to the learning experience, but does not tie you down to longterm commitment.

Individual sessions within the block are non refundable*


Sessions run: 10am - 2pm

Cost per session: £90 organisations / £60 direct payment holders



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