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An innovative approach to short breaks and Day opportunities

Please read these terms and conditions carefully



1. The Booking

A booking Contract can be made with the person staying in the house, the 'customer', their family, their named person, their chosen support provider or a professional working with them.

We encourage bookings from 'Customers' where the person has the capacity to do so. An easy read booking form and 'visit agreement' are available on request.


1.1 It is essential a support package is in place before booking.

Those who arrange the support at Endeavour (Parents, Care & support providers, schools/colleges), are expected to have completed a full risk assessment for customers, provide correct staff ratio and ensure a group are familiar with each other prior to their stay.


1.2 Due to the frequent daily turn around of customers/tenants, the owners respectfully reserve the right to turn away bookings from customers who may cause extensive damage to the property. It would have a detrimental impact on other customer bookings and our ability to run an uninterrupted service to provide reliable short breaks.


1.3 Endeavour has a fixed letting cost irrelevant of the number of guests staying or the make up of the group (support workers to customer)


1.4 There is a maximum of 7 people allowed to stay in the property overnight (including support staff)

Note: Limitied to 5 individuals maximum, if not sharing a bed

By prior agreement with the owners and applicable to day and evening sessions only, a higher customer/support staff ratio will be permitted.


1.5 In the event of a booking being submitted by email and accepted by us, does itself indicate acceptance of our terms and conditions, which forms a contract between the 'customer' or their representative and the owners.


1.6 Endeavour2achieve letting charges are not linked to high and low season. There is one set price for each type of short break offered.

Prices quoted on our sister site are not applicable to this project.


1.7 Endeavour2achieve prioritises week long breaks during the Somerset academic holidays. The owners reserve the right to withhold the day and evening sessional short breaks options during these times from being part of a 'regular booking' contract.


1.8 The owners reserve the right to restrict the number of repeated short breaks an individual, group, support provider, organisation or local authority book, to ensure the opportunity to benefit from this unique venue is available to as many people as possible.


2. Payment

A 30% deposit is payable immediately to confirm the booking. The full hire payment is to be made not less than 4 weeks after the departure day/receipt of the invoice for the remaining balance.


2.1 Organisations booking multiple terms of day sessions are required to pay the entire booking fee in advance. An agreed service level agreement will be issued to accompany our T&Cs. Booking a term of day sessions(approx 6 sessions) is binding and no part within is refundable if cancelled or missed.


2.2 Where a regular weekly booking for all other types of sessions is booked ahead, a 30% deposit is required to reserve them.

An invoice will be raised every 4 weeks for the remaining balance(s).


2.3 Cancellation of one or all of these regular bookings are subject to the same 4 week notification terms [4.1]


2.4 Invoicing a customer's managed account can be arranged by agreement. If the deposit payment is not received 4 weeks before the visit date, the booking(s) will be treated as a cancellation.


2.5 Short notice Bookings and consequent payment made within a month of the comencement date are non refundable and will be addressed under our cancellation policy [section 4]


2.6 If by request the house needs staging  or ‘stripping & resetting’ to accommodate a customer, a set fee of £80 will be charged per visit.  A 5 day notice period required to cancel this aspect of our service as this is contracted in.


3. Insurance

Where appropriate, Holiday Insurance, including cancellation cover, is essential for your own protection and we strongly recommend that you and all members of your party be suitably insured.


4. Cancellations

Cancellations must be confirmed in writing, or by email to . Any refund if due, will be paid with 28 days of receipt of this confirmation.











4.2 The owners undertake to do their best to re-let a cancelled reservation. If successful a full refund will be made less the owners expenses.

4.3 To cancel an additional service like staging or ‘stripping and resetting’ the house, 48 hours notice required to cancel this aspect of our service, as this is contracted in.


5. The Tenancy

The tenancy confers upon the Tenant the right to occupy for a holiday within the meaning of Part 1/section 9 of the Rent Act 1977.


6. Duration

Lettings are for a minimum of a day session to  a maximum of four weeks.

Overnight lettings commence at  4.30pm on the first day of the let, ending at 9am on the day of departure.

The owner has the right to ask for flexibility in these times if the property has to be adapted for the client.


7. Liabilities

The owners of Endeavour accept no liability to any tenant of a visiting party (including support staff) for any personal injury, illness, loss or damage to property however sustained or caused nor for the loss or theft of any property or money during their stay. The use of the house and all amenities and content provided by the owners are provided to the tenant (and their support staff) entirely at the users risk.

7.1 A copy of the property insurance and certificates are available on request

7.2 There is a presumption without prejudice, that when making a booking the terms and conditions have been accepted. Therefore there  will be an assumption that a risk assessment for the person/group around support during the tenancy has taken place and appropriate staff ratios and support plan is in place.

7.3 Any use of the detergents, soap etc is at the tenants own discretion and risk. If someone is sensitive to these, the owner asks the tenant brings their own linen, towels and personal care toiletries.

7.4 Fresh hospitality items like, milk, biscuits, fruit will be replenished after each letting. Beverages like tea, coffee, sugar are in dispensers. All are used at the tenants own discretion and risk.

7.5 The owners are not liable for safeguarding incidents caused by support provider negligence.

7.6 The owners reserves the right to alert the 'contact in an emergency' person, if they feel that the customer is not adequately supported and if deemed a risk to the customer and the property, terminate the tenancy. The remainder of the stay would be non refundable.

7.7 The owners cannot be held responsible for any noise from the trading estate or neighbouring properties during your stay


8. Tenants Obligations

The tenant agrees:

(a) to take care of the property and to pay for any losses or damages to the property they caused (reasonable wear and tear excluded). All damages and loss of equipment must be reported immediately and arrangements in place to pay for in full prior to the tenant's departure.  Anything discovered damaged or missing when the tenant(s) has left will be billed for by post.

Where the tenant(s) accept responsibility for the damage, but the damage is substantial enough that it is necessary to claim on the owners insurance, the tenant(s)/(named lead person) will be responsible to pay the excess incurred – currently £500

(b) to permit the owners reasonable access to the property.

(c) not to disturb or cause annoyance to occupants of nearby or adjacent properties.

(d) to take care of owners property if taken off site during the stay eg HiViz jackets, shopping trolley

(e) not to depart with possession from the property that belong to the owners, so to enable the next visitors to enjoy the same experience


9. The Property

Endeavour is a no smoking property

9.1 The owners would appreciate the house be left in good order on the tenant's departure.

9.2 Every effort will be made to ensure the property is in a clean and tidy order for the tenant. If the tenant sees something they feel they may be held responsible for, at the beginning of their stay, it is important they notify the owners by email, taking a photograph is helpful

9.3 To avoid any excessive carpet cleaning charges, we recommend shoes are not worn upstairs. Slippers are provided free of charge[7]

9.4 A full itinerary of the house contents are kept at the property.

9.5 A box of spare 'essentials' are available for tenants who forget to bring something with them. An honest box is provided for breakages and use of items from the spare cupboard

9.6 The tenant is asked to empty all bins on departure, tying up all rubbish bags and depositing in the black wheelie bin provided

Emptying the food caddy into the larger food bin outside

9.7 The tenant(s) is required to take all unused food they bring with them and purchase during their stay, home with them as it cannot be reused.

9.8 The premises are to be kept secure when left unoccupied, using the key safe provided to avoid losing the keys.

If the keys are lost, contact the owners by email or by mobile 07811491153 to receive a spare set. The cost of cutting new keys must be covered by the tenant.

9.9 Where a regular tenant requests to leave a small box of key essentials on the premises between visits, the owners will offer reasonable cupboard space , but are not responsible for any loss or damage. When requested by the owners, this offer can be removed at anytime.


10. Property Capacity

The total number of persons staying overnight in Endeavour must not exceed the booked and agreed House bed capacity.


11. Non Availability

If for any reason beyond the owners control the property is not available on the date booked (damage by fire for example) or the property is unsuitable for holiday letting due to previous tenants, all payments made in advance by the applicants will be refunded in full but the applicants shall have no further claim against the owners.


12. Complaints

All or any complaints must be notified to the owners immediately so that an on site investigation can be made and, if necessary, remedial action taken. In no circumstances will compensation be paid for complaints raised after the tenancy, by when the owners will have been denied the opportunity to investigate and try to put right any such matter, during the tenancy.


13. Breach of Contract

If there shall be any breach of these conditions the owners reserve the right to re-enter the property and terminate the tenancy without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the owners. The contract is deemed to have been made at Sage Cottage, 24, Langport Road, Somerton, Somerset TA11 6RS


14. Telephone

The telephone line is primarily installed for careline and internet access. There is a phone handset in each bedroom and in the main hall.

There is a free intercom function on the phones that enables communication between customers and their support staff.

Under no circumstances are the phones to be used to make outgoing calls except for 999 and to contact the owner 07811491153

If the BT bill shows calls were made from the property whilst the tenant(s) is occupying the property a copy of the bill will be sent to the tenant along with an invoice for the calls made

      Careline has been installed in the property to support practising independence. With a clear risk assessment in place, there is opportunity for individuals and small groups to experience being left unsupervised safely. Please notify us and call the Careline centre (press the button) to give them prior notice they are on call and for what period of time they will be required.

2 Pendents are available for clients to wear if needed.


15. Linen

Bed linen and towels are provided free for the number of people booked.

The owners ask that tenants who stay overnight, strip their beds on the day of departure, placing the linen in a pillowcase and leaving in the bedroom. Please DONOT launder the white linen or towels.

15.1 Spare linen and towels are available in the linen cupboard in the staff bedroom

15.2 The owners have provided distinctive coloured old linen and clothes to practise laundry skills.


16. Pets

Sorry, but no pets are allowed on the premises


17. Cleaning

We require the Time of arrival and departure to be strictly adhered to due to a tight cleaning schedule

17.1 Late departure that impedes the preparation of the house for the next tenants will be charged at a sessional rate.

17.2 The owners ask that tenants are encouraged to participate in the role of maintaining a clean house during their stay especially in winter months. To minimise carpet cleaning, there is a no shoes policy up stairs. Slippers are provided [7]

17.3 The owners reserve the right to charge a minimum of £15.00 for excessive cleaning (if deemed necessary).


18 Parking

There is a large off road area at the front of the house for 4 cars

18.1 Security lights are active during the night, but Tenants and support staff use this area at their own risk

18.2 Care needs to be taken when reversing out of the drive. Awareness is needed of the telegraph pole and the road traffic

18.3 The BT telegraph pole, that is not on the owners property, has a reflective strip on to assist users of the property.

18.4 The owners respectfully ask that consideration is given to neighbours when arriving back late at night










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