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An innovative approach to short breaks and Day opportunities

What we offer...


For some people, being in a new or different environment, or taking that step to stay away overnight can be a big one. Sometimes this needs to be achieved in small managed steps that are suited to the individuals needs.


It can also be difficult to find a short breaks learning venue that is available for less that a whole day or for longer stays (up to 28 consecutive days). We can offer a real home environment with the flexibility you need for small lengths of stay on a one off or a regular basis.


Endeavour can be hired for the day or evening from as little as £15 per person (based on 4 people sharing) and can also be hired on a sessional basis to practice the transfer of independent living skills into a real home environent.


From experience we have found that an overnight visit will often help a person and their family decide whether they are ready for the next steps towards more independence, and if not quite yet, what level of support would they need in their own home to achieve it.


Supported visits can evolve into independent visits. The careline system in the property can be linked to a local responder day or night, providing peace of mind whilst indiduals or groups experience the responsibility and the emotions that come with independent living.


A Stay longer than a week is negotiable but for obvious reasons, be aware that this will be significantly more than the cost of a months rent you would pay under a short hold tenancy.


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