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Our Purpose  

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Be inspired

         Learn new skills

                  Fulfil your potential

An innovative approach to short breaks and Day opportunities

The purpose of our accommodation is to:


Inspire innovative short breaks

       Provide an alternative to traditional day services

Improve consumer choice in the social care market place

Build confidence in community living 


This venue is aimed at young people with SEN transitioning into adulthood and adults with learning disabilities and autism who are looking for an alternative to a traditional day centre environment, to take a supported short break or to find an innovative way to complete an assessment that can effectively inform a care and support package for their future planning.


During your stay at Endeavour, there are plenty of opportunities to informally assess your current level of independence and to put those skills taught at school into practice in a context that is meaningful and fun!

Careline has been installed in the property to support practising independence. With a clear risk assessment in place, there is opportunity for individuals and small groups to experience being left unsupervised safely. You simply notify the Careline centre (press the button) to give them prior notice that they are on call and for what period of time they will be required.

2 Pendents are available for clients to wear if needed.


Subtle use of peer support can inspire and raise expectation in eachother, a group's day activities or short break here, becomes incredibly empowering.


Why not try a 'Compatibility experience' that will give a small group the opportunity to see if they can successfully live together cohesively


Hear what our customers are saying in the video below

Come dine with friends short break session May 2016 - Photo permission given by customers and their families

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